Coppa Italia 2023: Comprehensive Guide to Schedule, Standings, Scorers & Assists

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About Coppa Italia

Coppa Italia is divided into two phases. Each round is played as a single leg, except the two-legged semi-finals. If a match is drawn, 30-minute extra time is played. In the event of a draw after 120 minutes, a penalty shoot-out is contested. The semi-finals use double round-robin. If the total numbers of goals scored in the two rounds are the same, the away goal will be counted. If necessary, extra time is played. If the numbers of goals scored are still equal, then count away goal. If there is a goalless draw in overtime, a penalty shoot-out will decide the winner. A single-match final is played at a neutral venue. If the teams are tied after 90 minutes, the winner is settled by a period of 30-minute extra time, and if still necessary, a penalty shootout. First phase:First Round: 36 teams from Serie C and Serie D;Second Round: 18 teams that won the first round and 22 teams from Serie B;Third Round: 20 teams that won the second round and 12 teams that ranked from 9th to 12th in Serie A last season;Fourth Round: 16 teams that won the third round;Second phase:Fifth Round: 8 teams that won the fourth round and 8 teams that ranked from 1st to 8th in Serie A last season;Quarter-finals: 8 teams that won the fifth round;Semi-finals: 4 teams that won the quarter-finals, two-legged;Final: 2 teams that won the semi-finals.