Spain Supercopa de Espana 2023: Comprehensive Guide to Schedule, Standings, Scorers & Assists

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About Spain Supercopa de Espana

The top two teams in La Liga and the Copa del Rey finals qualify for the Supercopa de Espana. If a team is eligible through the two leagues at the same time, the team with highest ranking of La Liga who has not qualified for Supercopa de Espana will play instead. There are two semi-finals and one final in the competition. According to the rules, there is no limit on the number of players in the list, but 18 people play a single match. If the game is tied after regular time, extra time is played when the fourth substitute is allowed. If needed, a penalty shootout will be held. Before 2018, Supercopa de Espana was a double-legged competition between the winners of La Liga and Copa del Rey. Since 2018, it has been held at a neutral venue on a single round robin basis. In the 2019-2020 season, Supercopa de Espana was reorganized into a four-team competition. It had many names in the early days, including Copa de Campeones at the beginning, Copa de Oro Argentina and Copa Eva Duarte. Unfortunately, the game was suspended after 1953. It was until 1983 that the game resumed and was officially named as Supercopa de Espana till now.