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Home vs Away
Match Live
Spread / Goal
2023/11/04 13:15
HT6' - Corner Kick - Pohang Steelers17' - Goal - Pohang Steelers36' - Corner Kick - Pohang Steelers36' - Corner Kick - Pohang Steelers44' - Goal - Pohang Steelers50' - Penalty Kick - Pohang Steelers59' - Yellow Card - Pohang Steelers65' - Corner Kick - Pohang Steelers74' - Goal - Pohang Steelers77' - Goal - Pohang Steelers90' - Goal - Pohang Steelers90' - Yellow Card - Pohang Steelers90' - Yellow Card - Pohang Steelers
-0.25 / 2.5

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About Korean FA Cup

The Korean FA Cup consists of all k-League and K-League teams as well as the domestic university Cup winning teams.The domestic university teams will first have two rounds of qualification to determine the three qualified places to advance to the competition, from the first round of the competition (32 strong) to the final to adopt a single knockout system.