FIFA Women 2023: Comprehensive Guide to Schedule, Standings, Scorers & Assists


League Data

Standings:All-time full, half-time, home and away data for different seasons.

Match data:Historical match data for different seasons, including scores, odds, corners, handicaps, over/under, red and yellow cards, and other live match details.

Football Player Data:Player records, including goals scored, clean sheets and passes.

About FIFA Women

24 teams will be divided into 6 groups. Each team will have 3 matches. The points granted upon 3-1-0 system. The top two teams in the group and the 4 best third place teams advance to the top sixteen, if there are teams with the same points, the ranking will be judged by the difference goals. If they are still the same, they will be ranked according to the total number of goals. If the winner still cannot be divided, the relevant calculate the winners and losers of the team, and then calculate the goal difference between the relevant teams in the match, and finally calculate the total number of goals scored by the relevant team in the match. If the winner is not determined by the six statistics, the relevant ball will be calculated the team’s red and yellow card numbers are based on a fair playing mechanism to determine the winner. If the winner still cannot be determined, the FIFA draws lots.   From the 16th round, it is a tiebreaker. If the two sides draw within 90 minutes of the regular time, overtime will be played. If they still draw in overtime, the penalty shootout will proceed directly to determine the final winner.