Austrian Bundesliga 2023: Comprehensive Guide to Schedule, Standings, Scorers & Assists

League Data

Standings:All-time full, half-time, home and away data for different seasons.

Match data:Historical match data for different seasons, including scores, odds, corners, handicaps, over/under, red and yellow cards, and other live match details.

Football Player Data:Player records, including goals scored, clean sheets and passes.

About Austrian Bundesliga

Austrian Bundesliga is composed of 12 teams, with double circulation stytem. In a single game, the winner gets 3 points, the loser gets 0 point, and each side gets 1 point if draw. The rank is determined by the accumulated points at the end of the season. If the points are the same, the scores will be used to distinguish the ranking. If still the same, the ranking will be distinguished by the number of goals and if the same again, additional matches will be carried out. The top six of the league entered the championship group and the last six entered the relegation group. Half of the league points will be used as the initial points for the playoffs. The final first place in the championship group is the champion this season, and won the qualification of the fourth round of the Europa League next season, the second place to participate in the second round of the Europa League next season, and the third place to participate in the third round of the Europa League next season. The fourth and fifth places in the championship group will compete with the first place in the relegation group for the qualification of the Europa League’s second round next season. The last place in the relegation group will be demoted to Austria Erste Division.