2023: Comprehensive Guide to Schedule, Standings, Scorers & Assists


As for the league match data in the past ten years, you can choose the match data of different clubs each season and switch to query the historical schedule data.
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Home vs Away
Match Live
Spread / Goal
2023/06/25 08:00
HT18' - Corner Kick - Millonarios22' - Corner Kick - Millonarios31' - Goal - Millonarios36' - Corner Kick - Millonarios37' - Corner Kick - Millonarios39' - Corner Kick - Millonarios42' - Corner Kick - Millonarios45' - Yellow Card - Millonarios48' - Corner Kick - Millonarios60' - Corner Kick - Millonarios67' - Corner Kick - Millonarios68' - Yellow Card - Millonarios70' - Goal - Millonarios70' - Corner Kick - Millonarios75' - Corner Kick - Millonarios76' - Corner Kick - Millonarios79' - Yellow Card - Millonarios88' - Corner Kick - Millonarios88' - Yellow Card - Millonarios90' - Yellow Card - Millonarios90' - Yellow Card - Millonarios90' - Corner Kick - Millonarios
-0.5 / 2.25
2023/06/22 09:00
HT27' - Corner Kick - Atletico Nacional Medellin39' - Corner Kick - Atletico Nacional Medellin39' - Corner Kick - Atletico Nacional Medellin39' - Corner Kick - Atletico Nacional Medellin42' - Corner Kick - Atletico Nacional Medellin43' - Corner Kick - Atletico Nacional Medellin48' - Yellow Card - Atletico Nacional Medellin53' - Yellow Card - Atletico Nacional Medellin67' - Corner Kick - Atletico Nacional Medellin69' - Corner Kick - Atletico Nacional Medellin81' - Corner Kick - Atletico Nacional Medellin81' - Yellow Card - Atletico Nacional Medellin84' - Yellow Card - Atletico Nacional Medellin90' - Yellow Card - Atletico Nacional Medellin90' - Yellow Card - Atletico Nacional Medellin
-0.25 / 2.25

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About Primera Division de Colombiano-Apertura

A total of twenty clubs compete in the leagues regular season. During the league stage, which lasts for twenty matches, each team plays against every other team once. The league table follows a normal European league table, one point for ties and three points for a win. The top eight teams advance to the playoffs. The playoffs have been organized in two different ways over the course of the short tournaments. They were first organized by dividing the eight teams into two groups where they would play home and away games; then, the two group winners would play the final. In later years, the playoffs are organized in pairs and play direct elimination in home and away games until only two teams reach the finals. Relegation from Primera A is based on an averaging system. At the end of each season, the two teams with the worst three-year average are relegated to Primera B.