Copa do Brasil 2023: Comprehensive Guide to Schedule, Standings, Scorers & Assists

Round 3

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About Copa do Brasil

The 2018 Brazil Cup is the 30th edition of the competition.A total of 91 teams to participate in a total of 8 round competition, the first four rounds of a total of 80 teams to participate in, after four round lead 5 slots into the top 16, the first and second round knockout is game, the first round draw, according to the football association rank promotion team when the season, the second round draw on penalties.Third, four rounds of home and away games system, see the away goal, if the same away goal penalty shootout. From the beginning of the last 16, all matches will be home and away double leg matches, except the final, the draw is based on the two teams’ away goals, if the same away goals will be a penalty shootout, the final draw will be a direct penalty shootout to determine the champion.