Holland Eredivisie 2023: Comprehensive Guide to Schedule, Standings, Scorers & Assists

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About Holland Eredivisie

Holland Eredivisie, contested by 18 clubs, is a double round-robin competition. Each club plays the others twice, once at home and once away. Teams receive three points for a win and one point for a draw. No points are awarded for a loss. Teams are ranked by total points at the end of the season. If points are equal between two teams, the tie is broken by the goal difference.The champion of Eredivisie can play the 3rd qualifying round of UEFA Champions League, and the runner-up play the 2nd round. The third place can play the 2nd qualifying round of UEFA Europa League, and the last qualification to Europa League will be determined among the teams that finished 4th to 7th through playoffs (4th vs 7th, 5th vs 6th; the playoffs are double-legged, and the two winners will play a single-legged match to compete for the place of the 2nd qualifying round of Europa League). The winner of KNVB Cup will play the 3rd qualifying round of Europa League. If the team have already qualified for the Champions League, their quota will be passed according to the league ranking.The 16th and 17th ranked teams of Eredivisie will respectively play three teams of Holland Jupiler League twice, and the winner will qualify for the subsequent season’s Eredivisie. The 18th place of Eredivisie are directly relegated to the Holland Jupiler League.