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Home vs Away
Match Live
Spread / Goal
2023/11/02 23:00
HT4' - Corner Kick - Obolon Kiev10' - Yellow Card - Obolon Kiev26' - Corner Kick - Obolon Kiev27' - Goal - Obolon Kiev30' - Yellow Card - Obolon Kiev33' - Yellow Card - Obolon Kiev44' - Goal - Obolon Kiev45' - Corner Kick - Obolon Kiev57' - Yellow Card - Obolon Kiev67' - Yellow Card - Obolon Kiev69' - Goal - Obolon Kiev78' - Corner Kick - Obolon Kiev78' - Corner Kick - Obolon Kiev80' - Yellow Card - Obolon Kiev84' - Corner Kick - Obolon Kiev86' - Corner Kick - Obolon Kiev
0.25 / 2.25
2023/11/02 21:00
HT23' - Corner Kick - Polissya Zhytomyr26' - Corner Kick - Polissya Zhytomyr28' - Corner Kick - Polissya Zhytomyr31' - Corner Kick - Polissya Zhytomyr41' - Yellow Card - Polissya Zhytomyr43' - Corner Kick - Polissya Zhytomyr52' - Yellow Card - Polissya Zhytomyr68' - Corner Kick - Polissya Zhytomyr78' - Corner Kick - Polissya Zhytomyr81' - Corner Kick - Polissya Zhytomyr82' - Corner Kick - Polissya Zhytomyr82' - Corner Kick - Polissya Zhytomyr83' - Yellow Card - Polissya Zhytomyr85' - Corner Kick - Polissya Zhytomyr
-1 / 2.5
2023/11/01 21:00
HT21' - Goal - Chernomorets Odessa30' - Yellow Card - Chernomorets Odessa33' - Goal - Chernomorets Odessa51' - Yellow Card - Chernomorets Odessa58' - Goal - Chernomorets Odessa72' - Goal - Chernomorets Odessa80' - Goal - Chernomorets Odessa
2023/10/30 21:00
HT2' - Corner Kick - FC Victoria Mykolaivka16' - Corner Kick - FC Victoria Mykolaivka17' - Goal - FC Victoria Mykolaivka19' - Corner Kick - FC Victoria Mykolaivka20' - Goal - FC Victoria Mykolaivka22' - Corner Kick - FC Victoria Mykolaivka26' - Yellow Card - FC Victoria Mykolaivka28' - Corner Kick - FC Victoria Mykolaivka50' - Yellow Card - FC Victoria Mykolaivka54' - Corner Kick - FC Victoria Mykolaivka70' - Corner Kick - FC Victoria Mykolaivka71' - Corner Kick - FC Victoria Mykolaivka74' - Corner Kick - FC Victoria Mykolaivka82' - Yellow Card - FC Victoria Mykolaivka87' - Corner Kick - FC Victoria Mykolaivka90' - Corner Kick - FC Victoria Mykolaivka90' - Goal - FC Victoria Mykolaivka
2.25 / 3.25

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About Ukraine Cup

The 2020–21 Ukrainian Cup is the 30th annual season of Ukraine’s football knockout competition. The competition started on 26 August 2020 and will conclude on 12 May 2021 with the final at the Ternopilsky Misky Stadion in Ternopil.The Ukraine Cup is played in 7 rounds. The Ukrainian Premier League teams will start playing in the first round. The game adopts a one-off elimination system. If there is a tie in 90 minutes, then an overtime will occur. If there is a tie in overtime, then the victory will be determined by penalty kicks. The final plays in the neutral field, and the winner will be decided by players’ performance in 90 minutes or in overtime even until the penalty kick.All competition rounds consist of a single game with a home field advantage granted to a team from lower league. Draw for all the rounds is blind. Qualification for the competition is granted to all professional clubs and finalists of the 2019–20 Ukrainian Amateur Cup.This season will be the first, when two teams will start the competition from the quarter-final stage: the defending winners (Dynamo Kyiv) and the champions of Ukraine of the previous season (Shakhtar Donetsk).Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, access of spectators to stadium was limited, but was allowed to one of postponed games (matches) of the first preliminary round on 9 September 2020 at Slavutych Arena.