Bulgaria Premier League 2023: Comprehensive Guide to Schedule, Standings, Scorers & Assists

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About Bulgaria Premier League

The League consists of 14 teams that score four home and away games for 26 rounds.The points for a single game are calculated as the winner gets 3 points, the loser gets 0 points, the draw gets 1 point for each side, and the end of the season is ranked according to the accumulated points.If the points are the same, the ranking will be distinguished by the match result of both sides.Super League play-off, in which all teams start with league points, 1st - 6th in the championship play-off and 7th - 14th in two groups (Group A and B) in the relegation play-off.The first qualifier qualifies for the Champions League, the second qualifier for the Europa League and the third qualifier for the Europa League.The top two in each group qualify for the Europa League, while the bottom two in each group are relegated to the second division.