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Home vs Away
Match Live
Spread / Goal
2024/04/04 02:30
HT21' - Corner Kick - Pogon Szczecin21' - Corner Kick - Pogon Szczecin44' - Corner Kick - Pogon Szczecin51' - Corner Kick - Pogon Szczecin59' - Goal - Pogon Szczecin64' - Corner Kick - Pogon Szczecin68' - Corner Kick - Pogon Szczecin69' - Corner Kick - Pogon Szczecin72' - Corner Kick - Pogon Szczecin72' - Corner Kick - Pogon Szczecin78' - Corner Kick - Pogon Szczecin79' - Goal - Pogon Szczecin84' - Corner Kick - Pogon Szczecin90' - Corner Kick - Pogon Szczecin98' - Goal - Pogon Szczecin101' - Yellow Card - Pogon Szczecin111' - Yellow Card - Pogon Szczecin112' - Corner Kick - Pogon Szczecin118' - Yellow Card - Pogon Szczecin120' - Yellow Card - Pogon Szczecin
-0.25 / 2.5
2024/04/03 23:30
HT1' - Corner Kick - Wisla Krakow1' - Goal - Wisla Krakow9' - Corner Kick - Wisla Krakow23' - Corner Kick - Wisla Krakow26' - Corner Kick - Wisla Krakow37' - Goal - Wisla Krakow40' - Corner Kick - Wisla Krakow44' - Yellow Card - Wisla Krakow54' - Goal - Wisla Krakow54' - Corner Kick - Wisla Krakow55' - Yellow Card - Wisla Krakow57' - Corner Kick - Wisla Krakow73' - Yellow Card - Wisla Krakow75' - Yellow Card - Wisla Krakow76' - Yellow Card - Wisla Krakow79' - Corner Kick - Wisla Krakow81' - Corner Kick - Wisla Krakow82' - Corner Kick - Wisla Krakow90' - Corner Kick - Wisla Krakow
0.25 / 2.5

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About Poland Cup

The Polish Cup plays in 7 rounds. And the teams from Poland Liga 1 will start playing in the second round of the Cup match. The qualifying rounds, the first round, the second round and the top sixteen adopt a one-off elimination system. If there is a tie in 90 minutes, then an overtime will occur. If there is a tie in overtime, then the victory will be determined by penalty kicks. The quarterfinals and semi-finals adopt a double round-robin tournament. If the total number of goals in the two rounds is the same, the away goal will be referred. If the winner is still not decided, there will be an overtime again. If the overtime is tied, the winner will be decided by a penalty kick. The final plays in the neutral field, and the winner will be decided by players’ performance in 90 minutes or in overtime even until the penalty kick.